Lou has written additional material for Miranda Hart’s 2014 tour. She’s written on two series of C4’s Stand up for the Week, Mock the Week, BBC3’s Laughtershock & various TV pilots. She’s also appeared in some TV stuff doing some pretty heroic acting, was in a music video for Stay+ and used to be in a joke band called Geoff Leopard.

Her jokes have been picked out as the best jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe in the Independent and Dave TV two years running.

Lou’s shows have been recommended by TimeOut, BBC London, Fest magazine, LOL, The Sun, London is Funny, Dave TV and more.

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“This an hour of non-stop entertainment with seriously big laughs, wild and free and very, very funny.”

– Chortle

“Lou is not like most comedians and when she rips a room, she really rips it hard… she always ensures a memorable live performance”

– The Sun

“‘From the crazy off-beat surrealism of Lou Sanders, it seems like something new is happening in comedy.’

– The Independent

“I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard in the first 10 seconds of a show– and it doesn’t let up until she leaves. One of the most innately funny acts I’ve ever come across…..Like a British Kristen Schaal, she has a winning combination of eccentricity and confidence”

– Spoonfed

“Utterly delightful and hugely talented” “Very Funny”. “Destined for hugeness”

– Time Out

“If Vic and Bob had had a baby back in their heyday, it would have grown up to be Lou Sanders. Bonkers show, made me go laugh”

– BBC Radio

“The best comic timing and a very engaging glint in her eye…Genuinely funny jokes”

– Three Weeks

“Chaotic, ramshackle and delightfully silly. Her charm, sparkle and comic timing ensure it’ll be a lot of fun”.

- Dave TV

“A technicolour joy… she throws herself into her ideas with reckless abandon and her irrepressible personality takes you along with it”

– London is Funny

“Quirky, goofy, ridiculous and wonderful”

– GayTimes

“Witty, ambitious, unique and irresistible. Basically, if you’re not entertained by this tornado made up of equal parts charm and total bedlam, you’ve got a problem. ”

– Fest Magazine

“Hugely enjoyable. I would have happily listened for much longer.”

– British Comedy Guide

“Masses of charisma and stage presence. Undoubtedly a very funny woman set for a bright future.”

– The Skinny

4 Stars Timeout Review 2014

4 Stars British Comedy Review

4 Stars The Skinny

4 Stars Spoonfed 2011

4 Stars London is Funny

4 Stars Spoonfed 2012


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