A Conversation Between Lovers. Subject; A Caravan

Deborah or Debbie: Why don’t you ever buy me a caravan?

Mitch: What for?

Deborah or Debbie: Holidaying in. A spare room for a guest at Christmas?

Mitch: Christmas was last year.

Deborah or Debbie: And again this year.

Mitch: Yeah. I suppose you’re right about that. But you never said you wanted a caravan – this is news to me right now.

Deborah or Debbie: I hinted at it in 2007.

Mitch: Oh! That was what that was (he says squeezing her arm)

Deborah or Debbie: Yes, I wasn’t sure myself – until now. I’ve been building up to it… pressurising you that is. It’s a big decision & I wanted to know that I wouldn’t regret asking you.

Mitch: Well that’s good – you’ve thought it through, and I appreciate that.

Deborah or Debbie: Thanks Mitch. That means a lot to me.  (Minor dramatic pause) The thing is… you’re not the only breadwinner, well you are a bread winner but I also win bread as it were (she laughs with her eyebrows), well, you shouldn’t have to buy the whole thing a caravan in this case… listen to me twittering on…. (Beat) So what do you think?

Mitch: Well, it’s getting more the sound of reason to it. As an idea.

Voiceover: In the end Mitch stumped up the £7,955 for a lovely white and blue caravan (a Country Devon model). And Debbie or Deborah as she’s often known stumped up £3,000 herself.

They went on several caravan mini breaks in one year alone, so all in all Deborah was really pleased she:

  1. had the idea
  2. approached Mick with it
  3. went through with it

Mitch and her were not husband and wife beforehand, but due to the caravan fun, I think they soon might be, find out soon if this is true in the next installment….

Hint, maybe!

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