Cliftonville’s Got Talent

I called my Mum today which was lovely, because, as luck would have it, I really love my Mum.

She was telling me about this charity event in Cliftonville, drinks, nibbles – THE LOT!

But, what’s this coming from left field?  The entertainment was provided by the attendees themselves.  A sort of democratic – ‘yes, get up have a go’.  “What’s that you got an emotional poem you wrote – yes, yes feel free. I’m sure people WILL be able to look you in the eye afterwards”.

Average age = 60

Average talent = debatable

But passion and commitment = admirable

What I really loved is when my Mum said:

“and Mick the postman got up and talked about Jazz clubs.”

Not got a song in you Mick?  Rita’s done a dance here and Sally did her version of ‘Pennies From Heaven.’   And you’re just talking?  About Jazz clubs?  Come on mate – get it together.

All I’m saying is if Britain’s Got Talent has taught us anything it’s that singing always comes first, dancing second and talking about Jazz clubs doesn’t even make the preliminaries.  That’s all.  I mean I admire your bravery and your passion for the un-trodden ground – but mate, Sally did her OWN VERSION of ‘Pennies From Heaven.’

I am being sardonic but actually I think it’s lovely (in a totally non patronising way) that everyone’s joining in for the jamboree of entertainment slash showing off.   Then again – communism‘s a great idea in theory.  But there’s always someone coming in to ruin it – and then there’s Sally’s who’s done her own version of ‘Penny’s from Heaven…’   Mick mate – it’s not fair on you, its not fair on us, and its not fair on Sally.

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